(Updated versions of Adobe Reader for all platforms may be downloaded at no cost from Adobe’s web site.) PDF is the international industry and government standard for electronic document archiving.
   Readers of our digital editions can always search and print the contents, use bookmarks for speedy navigation, and magnify images to study details. Editions accommodate an enormous amount of information — text, images, audio, video — so there are few restrictions on the type of content or its length.
   Our editions always contain indexed high-resolution images of the book or manuscript from cover to cover (including ephemeral items preserved with individual copies). Our interface designs accommodate textual anomalies such as extensive footnotes, complex content hierarchies, multiple languages, and obscure symbols. We devise a set of editorial features for each title suited to its ultimate use and the client’s specifications, as illustrated in the categories below.
   Reference editions  Images with a minimum of editorial components, intended for specialized reference use: contain high-resolution images with content indexed in the original language of the imaged object and in English (and/or Italian, French, German, Spanish), for quick searching.
   General audience/educational editions  Images enhanced with content intended for general informational and instructional use. These editions contain the features of a reference edition plus introductory commentary, transcriptions, translations, and other content (including audio and video) as desired.
   Scholarly editions  Images augmented with scholarly content, intended for advanced educational use and for promulgation of specific academic endeavors. These editions contain all the features of a reference edition plus bibliographical details, texts, diagrams, transcriptions, translations, and other content (including audio and video) as required.

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Ionic column, engraved by Hans Vredeman de Vries in Henrik Hondius, Les cinq rangs de l'architecture. Amsterdam: J. Janssen, 1620.