Children’s Book Gallery
Digital sales catalogue (2008)

Imaging, design, editorial, and production. 42-line constructed the third catalogue of the Children’s Book Gallery in digital form. The centerpiece of the catalogue is a group of rare Kate Greenaway works, supplemented by an extensive selection of rare and collectible children’s books. We captured multiple images from roughly 250 items and created clickable thumbnails with brief descriptions, each linking to a colorful and engaging page with full descriptions and high-resolution photographs of the books. Every page of the PDF catalogue has a custom toolbar linking customers to the Children’s Book Gallery website (also designed by 42-line), enabling purchase of any item in the catalogue. We included a booklet of brief descriptions and small images in the CD packaging for customers who prefer a printed catalogue. Below, catalogue cover image from William Mulready, The Elephant’s Ball and Grand Fete Champetre (London, 1807); and images from: Nora Pulling, Mary Belinda and the Ten Aunts (London and New York, [1945]); Bernard Darwin, The Tale of Mr. Tootleloo (London [1925]).




















childrens book gallery cover

ten aunts