Our digital editions illuminate historically and culturally important works in their original, integral form; we develop each edition with its own cast and emphasis appropriate to the content and audience, and build presentations customized for CDs or DVDs, kiosks, or the Internet.
   Each collection of rare materials is unique, as are the books, manuscripts, and artwork that compose it. 42-line dovetails its editorial, design, and technological expertise with the knowledge of scholars and collection curators, resulting in digital presentations that reflect the singularity of each item while providing contextual richness.
   Like authoritative printed texts, carefully developed digital presentations have enduring value for researchers, librarians, teachers, students, collectors, and general readers. Unlike printed texts, digital editions may be readily revised to accommodate new research and additional features or repurposed for use in a variety of media.



Detail, title page, Georg Andreas Böckler, Architectura curiosa nova.
Nuremberg, [1664].